We loved having the quartet as a part of our ceremony. They played beautifully and looked good too. Organizing with this quartet was amazing because Robin is very professional and is quick to reply regarding questions & concerns. We are very pleased!

Leigh-Ann and Matt

You guys will not be forgotten and will be recommended often.

Thank you Robin. We enjoyed the wedding so much and your music was the best.

Amber & David

The music was exactly what we wanted. I remember hearing the first notes from inside the house before I exited for the aisle...very beautiful indeed.


We were very happy that you and the trio were part of our wedding. The music was very much to our liking and definitely added a touch of elegance to the ceremony.

Despite the rain and overcast weather on our wedding day, the music played by the Orca String Trio put everyone in a lively and uplifting mood. Robin is not only a talented musician but is also very professional and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Robin and the Orca String Trio to anyone who wishes to add the perfect touch of elegance to their event.

Jane & Joseph

Thank you (and your fellow musicians) for the wonderful music you provided at our club's Sail-past. Many Club members approached me to thank me for organizing such great musicians, and several asked me details about booking The Orca String Quartet for their own events. The music you played was perfect for the occasion, and I greatly appreciated the “no fuss” approach to booking and logistics on the day (it is a definite bonus feature not having to provide electrical outlets, space for speakers etc!). My sincere thanks to you and the members of the Quartet.

Andrew, Yacht Club Commodore

I didn't have the opportunity to thank you and other musicians in person for that excellent performance on our wedding ceremony.

One of our guests was a musician himself and he was moved with your playing and the level of your skills.

Again thank you, you made our day perfect... We would gladly recommend you to anyone.

Edyta & Tom

Thank you again for being so quick to follow up with me... at this point you would have got the gig from sheer professionalism alone compared to some of the other groups we looked into.


Thank you so much... the music was perfect for the ceremony and my guests all raved about the music...

I've had requests for contact information for recommendations to friends and will gladly be passing it on.

The quartet brought the element of sophistication and romance that I desired for the ceremony and the interlude before dinner and cannot imagine my ceremony without it.

Laura & Drew

Thank you for the exceptional music! We have received an overwhelming number of compliments from our guests.

You have made our wedding ceremony truly a memorable one!

Leah and John

You and your team were a pleasure to deal with from the start. You were completely organized and I had great comfort in dealing with you as a service provider. Jennifer and I and our guests also greatly enjoyed your music and you definitely added to our special day. You and your team really added to our event, so as you know, always feel free to use us as a reference. Thanks so much.

Dean & Jennifer

Thanks for the amazing music. We had so many people tell us it was the best wedding they had been to and in part it was due to the Orca String Trio. You three looked incredible with the treed back drop and if there are any pictures of you I will email them.

We would like to thank you for the amazing job in creating the perfect ambiance for our wedding.

Mark and Ron

Thank you very much for the wonderful music and all around fabulous time - my mother really enjoyed it and said it was a very memorable birthday party.


We just wanted to say thank you for adding such a special touch. We loved having you with us, The day was awesome for all of us, thank you and God Bless.

Lynn & Robert

I've talked to many of the guests last night and they all had wonderful things to say about the music. Several have said how much they appreciated the "I Dream of Jeanie" theme, ending the night on a fun note (pardon the pun). The mix of music really hit the spot with the guests during dinner.

Thanks for being part of our event!

Breeonne, Communications Manager

Thank you so much. If we ever need a good tear jerker... we put on your music :) We are sure you don't need any compliments from us, but if anyone ever needs to know how wonderful you all are, we would be happy to rave about you.

Laura and Tom

Thank you to you and your Quartet for your beautiful music on our wedding day. It was such a pleasure communicating with you via email prior to the wedding - you made it so easy to select songs and arrangements. Everyone was so very happy with the Quartet. The music made our day, so very memorable.

The music was beautiful and everything went perfectly. Thank you so much for arriving on time (early). I would highly recommend you to all my family and friends. Best to the rest of the wedding season!

Mel & Isaac

On behalf of our 2010 conference, thanks you very much to you and the Orca Trio for playing at our banquet. The music really set the ambiance for the evening. A number of delegates told me they really enjoyed the Trio. Thanks again Robin!

Catherine, Conference Co-ordinator

I was very satisfied with Robin and the Orca String Quartet. They were well organized and very knowledgeable about the material they played. Robin gave me excellent suggestions for music pieces that could be played throughout the ceremony as well as being very accommodating to my requests. Overall I was very pleased with the service I received and would recommend Orca String Quartet to anyone who loves the beautiful sound of string music as I do.


It was a beautiful day and the Trio's music was lovely - it set the tone for a wonderful ceremony!

It was a pleasure working with you on this event - I will not hesitate to contact you in the future.

Nancy, Wedding Co-ordinator

The music was perfect in what was a perfect day all round! You all did a great job and thanks for moving to the main tent after the ceremony, that worked well.

Sue and Colin

We thank you and your team for the great performance and the guests all loved the entertainment.

Thank you again and it was a pleasure to have your quartet play at our daughter's and son-in-law's wedding.


Thank you for help making our Christmas party one to remember! I will be happy to recommend your ensemble to friends and clients in the future.


I am back from my honeymoon now and just wanted to say a big thank you for playing at our wedding.

We really loved the music, and you helped complete a magical day for us. Thanks again!

Suzanne & Jason

We have received so many great comments on your music at our wedding. I just wanted to pass that on. Thank you again for your wonderful music.

Melody & Mark

We were really pleased with the music, thanks for making our big day so special.

Eva & Omar

Thank you for being a part of our special day. We also enjoyed having you play music for our wedding.

The Flower Girl didn't do what she did at the rehearsal, but you were quick to pick up on it... beautiful job. Thank you.

Mark & Marlene

Thank you again for being part of our wedding. The music sounded great and everything went fantastic!! We hope you all had fun and we'll definitely recommend you to any friends getting married in the future.

Carl & Lindsay

Thanks again for the beautiful music at the June 12th event! I have received so many comments about how lovely it was to have live music playing in the background at the event. I hope to have you on board again next year.

Nancy, Event Planner

Thank you!! You guys did a fantastic job! We were really pleased and will definitely recommend you in the future. :)

Melissa & Shayne